Jam Factory Art Center

Projects Public buildings


124 Khmelnytskoho Street, Lviv, Ukraine




3 090 m2

Jam Factory Art Center is a revitalization project of a former alcoholic beverage factory that was repurposed for canned food production in the Soviet era. After several years of desolation, the former factory was bought in 2015 by Swiss and Austrian historian and philanthropist Harald Binder, who decided to turn it into an art center.

The integral structure of the former Josef Kronik & Son distillery has been preserved, and various elements have been adjusted to meet the needs of the art center. The neo-Gothic tower, built around 1910, probably served private residential purposes and will now house recreation areas, a small exhibition, and a shop. Former production and distribution facilities have been transformed into areas dedicated to the arts (exhibitions, theater, music), administration and consumption (café-restaurant).

At the end of 2015, a closed architectural competition was held to develop the factory design. The Austrian company Atelier Stefan Rindler proposed the most optimal approaches to the project and won the competition. The project was developed in collaboration with Herbert Pasterk, the Factory’s technical director. After the winner was approved, the Factory team started looking for a local partner.

We developed a working project for the revitalization of the factory and the surrounding area.