About us

AVR Development is an architectural and engineering company that provides a full range of urban planning services.

AVR Development was officially established in 2015 in Lviv, but the core team has been working together for about 20 years. We started as a bureau that designed individual houses, apartments, and restaurants. In a few years, AVR Development has grown from a small bureau into a large-scale architectural and engineering company that provides a full range of urban planning services – from project concept development to author’s supervision.

The company is provided with all the material and technical means necessary for the organization of the project process. Development of projects in the BIM environment, the ability to certify projects in accordance with Breeam or Leading standards, the ability to create an architectural model or high-quality visualization are the functions that we can provide with our own resources.

Our organization has a special experience in successful projects in cooperation with foreign partners. AVR Development architects’ own completed projects and project proposals are regularly nominated and win national and international competitions such as Ukrainian Urban Awards, Mies van der Rohe Award, REM Awards, and others.


AVR Development’s values are based on ethics, spaciousness, quality, respect and integrity. Our goal is to implement modern, large-scale innovative projects and create an environment that affects people.


At the company, we strive to respect our employees and their needs. We try to take into account the aspirations of each employee, objectively recognize their contribution, develop their skills and promote their professional growth.


As a general designer, AVR Development offers a wide range of services. Individually for each project, we develop a range of architecture development services, including:

  • analysis and concept;
  • architecture and urbanism;
  • engineering;
  • construction;
  • interior design;
  • project management.


An integral part of the work of AVR Development specialists is the use of BIM (Building Information Model) technology, which applies the principle of “building twice”. We create an accurate digital model of the future building, which allows us to develop a comprehensive estimate of all sections of the project and avoid mistakes during construction. BIM technology saves the customer money during construction.


For almost 10 years of work, AVR Development has implemented more than 30 projects with a total area of more than one million square meters.


Currently, 20 projects of the AVR team have been completed and successfully commissioned. More than 50 more projects are under design.


AVR Development’s projects have been nominated for prestigious awards such as Ukrainian Urban Awards, Polish Urban Awards, Mies van der Rohe Award, REM Awards, and awards from the National Union of Architects.