Opening of the Medical Clinic at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv

The Ukrainian Catholic University has inaugurated a new medical clinic in Lviv, which will become an educational and practical hub for professionals and students. In the new facility, qualified medical professionals will provide high-quality care to patients and create a basis for training future professionals in the medical field. The clinic’s peculiarity is its modern […]

New VERTYCAL business center opened in Lviv

On May 1st, a new business center, VERTYCAL, was officially opened in Lviv, located at 120 Antonovycha Street. The 14-story building, offering breathtaking views of the city, is situated in the heart of the city's IT hub, close to the city center and the railway station.

Strategic session 2024

We held a strategic session with employees

Residential Complex Shelest

We would like to introduce you to a new project of a residential complex on Studynskoho Street in Lviv by AVR Development – Shelest. When designing it, we paid special attention to the relief in order to successfully fit the building into the topography, as the height difference from one edge of the building to […]

Jam Factory Art Center

We’ve been waiting for this day for eight years, and now it’s here. On November 18, Jam Factory, a revitalized distillery that has been turned into an art center, was officially opened in Lviv. We joined this project in 2015 and have been supporting it up to its realization. We are pleased that Jam Factory […]

Viking Park

The construction of the last two phases of the large-scale residential complex Viking Park on Zelena Street in Lviv has been completed. The complex as a whole has already been commissioned and is being actively filled with new residents and businesses. Our architects made sure that the courtyards of the residential complex were free of […]