Landscaping of Helga multifunctional complex

Urban planning


120, Knyahynya Olha Street, Lviv, Ukraine




61 700 m2

Helga Residential Complex is located at a convenient intersection of Naukova and Knyahynya
Olha streets, which provides easy access to important locations in the city: Danylo Halytskyi
Airport, the city center and the railway station. There are also many social infrastructure,
shopping and entertainment facilities within walking distance. However, its attractiveness is not
limited only by the geographical setting.

The Helga project surpasses standard approaches to urban planning and offers not only a
combination of housing and commercial, but also the creation of a new, integrated urban
environment that promotes business development and improves the quality of life. By rejecting
typicality and monotony, Helga represents modern urban trends, where the interaction of
different functions creates a harmonious and dynamic environment for life in a big city.
Helga Residential Complex is not only about cozy life, but also about comfort and safety within
the complex. The territory of the complex is harmoniously divided into different zones, which
allow residents not only to enjoy moments of relaxation, but also provide a friendly environment
for restoring energy after a busy day.

The space of the complex is designed with inclusivity in mind, providing accessibility for all
residents regardless of their needs. Wide sidewalks and barrier-free entrances provide
convenient access for people with limited mobility.

A public square created near the business center building forms the heart of the complex. It is
located at the intersection of the main roads and is encircled by a green hill, which serves as a
perfect buffer between the adjoining areas. The fountain-waterfall and sun-protection pergolas
located on the square act not only as an aesthetic accent, but also as key elements of the public
space. The fountain and its gentle water splashing create a feeling of coziness and comfort,
giving residents the opportunity to enjoy an element of nature right in the center of the urban
environment, and the sunshade elements allow you to enjoy the square even in hot weather.

Such spaces stimulate social interactions, as they attract residents to spend time together and
relax, thereby contributing to the formation of a local community and improving the quality of life.
Interactive zones for children and adults in the courtyards were designed with equal detail.
Children’s and sports grounds in the Helga residential complex impress with their stylish and
modern design, which meets the latest trends. Their bright and atypical elements contribute to
the development of children’s imagination and physical activity, creating a space where kids can
play freely and joyfully.