Multifunctional Complex Viking Park

Public buildings Residental buildings Urban planning


151 Zelena Street, Lviv, Ukraine




61 700 m2

The Viking Park is a multifunctional complex that operates as an independent unit of the neighbourhood and stimulates the process of city decentralisation. The facility surprises with a variety of functions, including offices, residential, commercial facilities and apartments.

The complex is located along one of the city’s busiest highways, which is well served by public transport. The facility not only presents modern architectural solutions, but also offers a variety of amenities for residents – a mix of different functions allows the complex to exist as a space for work, living and commerce.

Viking Park has an underground car park, which allows the courtyards to be car-free and adapted for various functions, such as playgrounds, sports and quiet relaxation areas. The combination of various functions makes Viking Park a complex that will satisfy different needs of residents and stimulate the development of an innovative environment in the city.