Residential Complex Lennona Residents

Residental buildings


2, John Lenon St., Lviv, Ukraine




20 506 m2

The plot of land with a mixed-use complex is located in a very green, relief and quiet location in the north of Lviv.

The complex consists of three residential sections: two partially interconnected eight-storey buildings and a sixteen-storey building connected by a common stylobate containing public and commercial functions. The stylobate houses a cozy courtyard for residents with various playgrounds and landscaping.

The volumes of the buildings with their facades are designed in a contrasting way for the eight-story and sixteen-story sections: restrained, pragmatic lower sections and a dynamic accent multi-story. These buildings are equally contrasting in terms of their values – we are talking about cozy mid-rise housing in a quiet location, and panoramic view apartments at a height that allows you to contemplate the bustling city life of the center.