Residential Complex N69 Residents

Residental buildings Urban planning


69 Navrotskoho St., Lviv, Ukraine




53 017 m2

The architecture of this multifunctional complex was created not as a reaction to the existing realities of the real estate market, but as a new value reference point. This is a complex that combines a humane scale of the residential part and cozy courtyard spaces, a bright office dominant and a mixture of commercial functions in the stylobate part.

Its appearance in this urban location will be a powerful impetus for continuing the process of rethinking the significance of this rather valuable part of Lviv, which has been going on for the last decade.

The main approach to the formation of the residential cluster was diversity. It includes both chamber sections with only a few premium apartments on a floor with large terraces and those offering more affordable options for compact apartments. The main part of the courtyard is formed on the roof of a two-level stylobate, above which the residential floors rise by 4-7 floors.

The composition of the facades and their materiality is based on the contrast between houses decorated with natural wood with active plastic and those decorated with aluminum composite panels of natural color and texture of this metal with more restrained and strict facade solutions. Special attention was paid to the glazing: its graphics and the presence of accent panoramic elements.

The advantage of the complex is its balanced multifunctionality. This is clearly emphasized by the 14-storey business center, which is to become a kind of business card, as the first visual acquaintance with the complex will take place through it. A public space has also been created in front of it.

A large two-level underground parking lot is located under the entire complex to meet the needs of residents, employees and visitors.

A supermarket, restaurants and various service businesses will be an important addition, which, together with the above functions, will form a complete self-sufficient palette of modern urban life.