Residential complex Forum Apartments

Residental buildings


26 Pid Dubom Street, Lviv, Ukraine




23 400 m2

The Forum Apartments Project is an impressive real estate development located in the historical center of Lviv. It stands out with a new architectural language for the city, featuring an intriguing rhythm of windows and complex plasticity. The project has gained the status of the most expensive property among new developments in the city. It successfully integrates into the existing urban landscape and consists of several blocks of varying heights.

The project is completed with a 13-storey tower on the corner of Dzherelna and Pid Dubom streets. The project borders with the railway on the northern side, however, our team solved the noise problem in an original way by creating a gallery outside, which serves as a noise screen to protect the apartments. This adds to the overall exclusivity of the project and ensures comfortable living for the residents.

One of the most innovative features of the project is the use of anti-vibration cushions under the foundations. This construction helps reduce vibrations caused by the passing trains, ensuring comfort and tranquility in this prestigious real estate development.

Overall, the Forum Apartments Project includes a variety of functional and specialized solutions harmoniously combined into one. It includes residential units, office floors, commercial spaces, a spacious above-ground parking place, and a luxurious two-level lobby that warmly welcomes visitors. It is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning clients and become a true symbol of comfort, luxury, and quality in the historical center of Lviv.