Residential Complex Cinematic

Residental buildings


Lubinska St., Lviv, Ukraine



22 100 m2

The facility is located on Liubinska Street in Lviv’s Zaliznychnyi district, closer to Danylo Halytskyi Lviv International Airport.

This multifunctional building is designed to meet the needs of future residents and visitors of commercial premises.

The first two floors are intended for a large shopping center, including cafes, shops and grocery retail. The ground floor creates a unique connection between Lubinska Street and the adjacent square, providing a comfortable place to visit retail or dining establishments.

On the third floor of the complex there is an exploited roof with landscaping, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. There is also a swimming pool, which can be used by both residents and visitors of the shopping center. On the higher floors there are apartments with various layouts. The apartments overlooking the park next to the complex have summer rooms, where the park has created a quiet and cozy place for relaxation and comfort. The single-level underground parking lot is divided into two independent zones: for residents of the residential sections and visitors to the shopping center. The project also includes charging stations for electric vehicles, demonstrating attention to sustainable development and care for the environment.

The facades of this complex take into account practicality and aesthetics. Decorative plaster was used in the residential sections, giving the building a sophisticated look that blends in well with the cityscape. The shopping center is equipped with an aluminum facade system that not only gives it a modern look, but also ensures durability and resistance to external influences. These solutions reflect the balance between aesthetics and functionality, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for the residents and customers of the shopping center.