Residential Complex “Malogoloskivski Hills”

Residental buildings Urban planning


Maloholoskivska Street, Lviv, Ukraine




47 600 m2

The Malogoloskivska Street area began to expand around 2012, and development companies, represented by architectural projects of varying complexity and price categories, are still building new projects in this neighbourhood.

Our task was to bring the complex to completion, creating a semi-enclosed neighbourhood. With this project, we wanted to create a comfortable environment for perception both from the street and from the courtyard. The limited construction budget led to the use of a white wet-ventilated facade with plastic elements in different parts of the building to create visual accents.

The residential complex consists of 10 buildings, varying in height from two to 10 storeys, as well as a large public area on a two-level basement located at the intersection of the streets.