Residential Complex Stryyska 45

Residental buildings


45 Stryiska St., Lviv, Ukraine




46 620 m2

The residential complex is located near the intersection of Stryiska – Naukova streets and parks and recreational areas. Developed infrastructure and expanded transport interchange make the neighborhood a convenient place for living and recreation.

The residential part of the residential complex at 45 Stryiska Street consists of two buildings located outside the perimeter of the territory. This creates a closed and internal space according to the concept of a “yard without cars”, where playgrounds, sports complexes and walking alleys with landscaping are planned.

The architecture of the buildings includes clear and concise lines, multi-levels and cascading storeys. The project will also feature an operated eco-roof with ornamental trees and a green lawn. For car owners, there will be underground parking and guest parking near the house.
Thanks to the large windows, the apartments in the complex will have pleasant natural light. In general, the apartment layouts include different types of space – from one-room to two-level.