Residential Complex Vilne Misto

Residental buildings


Profesora Buika St, 27, Lviv, Ukraine




30 100 m2

The construction of the residential complex on Buika Street became the starting point for the revitalization of the entire neighborhood – a former industrial area near the railway line that over the years has lost its original functional purpose.

The combination of sectional construction, typical for residential complexes, with a facade that is unusual for modern Lviv housing, resulted in a laconic architecture that reflects the specifics of the complex’s location. The residential complex consists of seven sections with 320 apartments and 135 parking spaces.

The structure of the residential complex includes the necessary household infrastructure facilities, as well as places for recreation of residents. In particular, a terrace is designed on the roof of the first and third sections, where you can play basketball or football, work out on outdoor exercise equipment, do yoga or just enjoy the view of the city. Two greenhouses are designed on the roof of the seventh section, where residents can grow flowers or herbs. Wooden designer benches are installed in the courtyard, and a climbing wall, swings, slide and interactive cube-zone have been arranged for children.

According to the project, the first floors of the residential complex are intended for commerce and concierge service.