Opening of the Medical Clinic at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv

The Ukrainian Catholic University has inaugurated a new medical clinic in Lviv, which will become an educational and practical hub for professionals and students. In the new facility, qualified medical professionals will provide high-quality care to patients and create a basis for training future professionals in the medical field.

The clinic’s peculiarity is its modern design, which we helped to develop. We provided a comfortable and functional environment for both patients and medical staff. AVR Development congratulates UCU on the opening of the clinic and wishes it rapid development and prosperity.

In addition, the clinic offers rehabilitation services and has specialized rooms for occupational therapy, which provides a full range of medical care and support for patients. This is an important event for the entire medical community of Lviv, as the new clinic will not only improve the level of medical services in the region, but also contribute to the development of medical education and research.