Residential Complex Shelest

We would like to introduce you to a new project of a residential complex on Studynskoho Street in Lviv by AVR Development – Shelest. When designing it, we paid special attention to the relief in order to successfully fit the building into the topography, as the height difference from one edge of the building to the other was eight meters.
During the development of the residential project, our tasks were to minimize earthworks, create an optimal parking lot dug into the ground, plant the building structure on the ground with the appropriate bearing capacity, and provide logical functional content in such volumes.
According to the agreed technical specifications, we designed a foundation of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs at different elevations, sections with exits at different levels – one to Studynskoho Street and the other to the roof of the basement, which provides for a parking lot.
At the ground floor level, there are both apartments with adjoining plots and parking spaces. The second floor, with an entrance from Studynskoho Street, is filled with commercial space, comfortable entrance groups for residents and apartments.