Residential Complex “New Fort”

Projects Residental buildings Urban planning


9 Volynska St., Lviv, Ukraine




44 800 m2

The New Fort residential complex project is part of a strategy to revitalize a former industrial area in Lviv. The project site is located in one of the former production sites of the Soviet Almazinstrument plant. The existing industrial buildings are squeezed into the middle of a neighborhood that was underdeveloped earlier. At that time, a street was laid across the site, and production halls were built instead in the Soviet period. The story of the street gave inspiration for the creation of two new neighborhoods that would form comfortable spaces for different age groups of the neighborhood’s residents. The street itself will be recreated as a pedestrian and bicycle boulevard.

The blocks are closed from the outside, and inside the courtyards flow into each other. In addition to housing, the complex will also be full of service facilities, and one of the sections will have a kindergarten.

An important element of the project is the emphasis on the industrial past of the site. Some of the workshops were built back in the days of Polish reign, so these buildings are rich in high-quality architectural elements that will now be integrated into the modern facades of the residential buildings, and some of the walls will become elements of the courtyard decoration.

Residential buildings will have sloping roofs and chimneys typical for Lviv, which will set new interesting silhouettes in the urban space. The buildings located within the neighborhoods are designed with variable number of storeys and green terraces. The architecture of the facades will be devoid of large planes, which will give the spaces of the site a good human proportion.